Airtel offers leased line connection to connect you globally

The Airtel internet leased line is one of the finest internet connectivity products, delivered over fiber or Wi-Fi. Smart Telecom, who’s DST (Direct Sales Team) Airtel is located in Coimbatore, Salem, Erode and Tirupur, Tamilnadu, provides uninterrupted speedy Leased Line Internet connectivity for its users. In present world large organizations doing business need unplugged, high quality internet connectivity. Most of the large business organizations, schools, colleges use Leased line for their internet connectivity because their needs are that a large number of people login in to use the internet at the same time continuously for the whole day!

The Airtel leased lines give 24*7 internet access and technical helpdesk services to all its customers. For more details and offers, CLICK here

What do you mean by Leased line Connection

Hiring or making an accord for a radial telecommunication line in bases of monthly rental from a provider is known as leased line connection. In amplifying technology every individuals and the business are in need of high speed net connection to do the work. Leased line is the right choice to get a quality and high speed internet connection.

How does Leased Line Connection differs from dial up connection

  • Leased line connection can be used in business to connect two distant regional offices at very high quality.
  • Cost effective if internet is used in high volume.
  • High data transfer rates.
  • It allows splitting and using the connection, for different purpose which is commonly called as multiplexing.
  • Leased line provides full time active connection.

Why to choose Airtel Leased Line Connection

Airtel is the only telecommunication provider that uses the copper wire for communication between the buildings.
Airtel customer care provides you with immediate reply and easy reach ability.
Internet leased line connections are available at highly competitive prices.
If you are the rapid user of internet and desire to have a high speed internet connection at sensible prices, leased line connection will be the perfect choice rather than broadband connection, get the Airtel leased line connection to have the benefit of it.
To known the plans and tariff of Airtel internet leased line connection click here

[wptab name=CORPORATES]In large corporate offices, internet is used 24*7 by many people at the same time. So you would need high speed internet with heavy download options. Airtel leased line connection offers special plans and packages for corporates leased lines. Call us for a special corporate offer![/wptab]

[wptab name=EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS]Educational Institutions necessarily need leased line connection as they work all day and the number of users who use it simultaneously is large. Thus to get uninterrupted internet access, many educational institutions like schools, colleges and training centers get leased line connections. Airtel offers special packs for educational institutions at special rates.[/wptab]



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