What is Broadband?

Telecommunication with greater bandwidth is known as broadband. Broadband connection for any individuals and commercial purpose are necessary to get over the business and to increase the acquaintance of person.

Why Airtel Broadband Connection?

  • To enjoy the browsing, song and video downloads at high speed.
  • Airtel Landline Broadband allows you to browse while talking.
  • No waiting for a telephone line and a number to start up with your internet connection.
  • Airtel Landline Broadband offers you with attractive add-ons to have the benefit of songs, games and other applications.
  • Multivarious Airtel broadband tariffs are available to suit your individual and business needs.
  • amazing wifi connectivity of Airtel broadband allows you to enjoy easy access to internet
  • Airtel Broadband Plans offers excellent hi-speed connection with the privilege of choosing from the best plan that suites you.

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[wptab name=LANDLINE]

would need an Airtel broadband connection at home or office because;

  • Airtel offers high speed Broadband with minimum download speed of 256 kbps
  • It facilitates easy and fast downloads
  • Attractive and affordable plans and packages
  • Extremely useful and user friendly work environment
  • Since Airtel broadband comes with a landline connection, it’s always ready for use.


[wptab name=BROADBAND]Educational Institutions necessarily need leased line connection as they work all day and the number of users who use it simultaneously is large. Thus to get uninterrupted internet access, many educational institutions like schools, colleges and training centers get leased line connections. Airtel offers special packs for educational institutions at special rates.[/wptab]

[wptab name=INDIVIDUAL]Though people use mobile phones in offices, a landline becomes an essential part of an office or a commercial set up. Distinctive commercial plans offer you a wide range of packages to choose from![/wptab]

[wptab name=commercial]The Individual landline plans offer you the best landline calling facilities and many exciting features that suits your financial status. Airtel understands the requirements of landlines that are used at home and of offices and gives different plans for both![/wptab]